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  • Exclusive Community For Campers
    Mountain Paradise presents a terrific ecosystem for campers. Get closer to nature, surrounded by the beautiful forest of Biakpa.
  • Love Nature, Love Mountain Paradise
    There are many sites for our visitors to experience nature's love even more. Our professional tour guides lead tourists through the forest to all the sites.
  • Accommodation, it's your choice
    Whatever your choice of sleeping place is, we've got options
    for you. At Mountain Paradise Biakpa, we present you with a wide range of choices when it
    comes to where you lay your head in the night

We offer the best comfort in a natural environment you'd love. It's paradise in the mountains.

Mountain Paradise Biakpa offers comfort and convenience for visitors to Biakpa. Conveniently located inside the hills of the Volta Region of Ghana, it presents a serene environment for every visitor. It's a perfect location for friends and family looking for adventure.

Mountain Paradise Packages

At Mountain Paradise, we give you options. We've got space for up to 300 visitors. Explore our accomodation options.

Visit Mountain Paradise Biakpa and be put on the most thrilling adventure ever throught the mountain range.

It's great to explore, it's good to tour, it's awesome to move around. Mountain Paradise offers you a great opportunity to do all these. You've got a great opportunity to hike on the mountains of Biakpa. It's an experience of a lifetime.


Room Options

Check out accommodation options at Mountain Paradise Biakpa.

Family (Gayi & Kedita)
GHC 250

Family (Gayi & Kedita)

6 people

Family (Gayi & Kedita) is an ideal space for a family or group of six. It's the best option for room sharing.

Twin (Kagbotovi)
GHC 150

Twin (Kagbotovi)

4 people

This space can be shared by four people. However, there are several of them if each member of group.

Five/Six Sleeper
GHC 240.00

Five/Six Sleeper


This room comes fitted with the essentials you need as a group of tourists. It can be occupied by five or six people.

Double (Gemi)
GHC 95.00

Double (Gemi)


A cool room for couples. It's the best value for a duo looking for ultimate privacy.

Double (Kulugu)
GHC 75

Double (Kulugu)


Another great option for couples. It's a standard room for the couple opting for basic accomodation in the mountain range.

Double (Dadie)
GHC 65

Double (Dadie)


These rooms share facilities - toilet and bath. Additional person in a room attracts GHC 30 per person.

HOTEL TENTS: Tents, with mattresses, pillows and sheets is GH 30.00 per person per night.

PERSONAL TENTS:  As a visitor with your own tent, you pay GHC20.00 per person per night.


Have some questions about our hotel or ready to take a tour of our spaces? Drop us a note and we'll be in touch shortly!